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ATAA International Trading Co.



Though Ataa, is young but it was born big. With our management team collective experience and market knowledge of more than 120, such collective mind allowed Ataa to confidently leap in 5 years what others do in more than 20….


The Start

We opened our doors in summer 2016 and got our First pharmaceutical order by fall. The first step in a thousand miles journey.


Expansion of operations

After 2 years of experience, orders from satisfied returning customers introduced us to medical disposables and consumables brokerage.


Landing Dental Business

With over 100 accounts allover Saudi Arabia, we thought of dental business brokerage. With over 100 accounts allover Saudi Arabia, we thought of dental business brokerage. Dental equipment and materials were in a remarkably high demand.


Jaddah & Dammam branchs open

In January 2019, we open our offices in both Jeddah and Dammam to better server our clients.


Acquisition & rebranding

With more regulated market, Ataa acquired a full fledge dental business rebranding itself as a dealer and distributor expanding its business toward privet sector in Saudi Arabia.


New things

In 2021, we ventured into new markets to expand our folio and establish our presence.


A healthcare importer distributor with unlimited capabilities to source healthcare products.
We serve pharmaceutical, medical & medical-lab sectors. in dental we offer dental equipment & materials for modern dentistry.

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ATAA International Trading Co.
P.O. Box 13658 Riyadh 13217,
Saudi Arabia.


+966 11 445 5060


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